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About us

Đuvla - production of rubber products and related services is a family owned craft company who's roots start in the eighties.

In a time when entrepreneurship was not common, the founder Đulio Vlahović (his initials are the basis of the company's name) decided to take his future in his own hands by opening a small family business. By including his experience and knowledge in the production of rubber products, and combining it with a great sense for work, (a characteristic common to all the family members) the craft gained strength and in a short amount of time it became well known among people in related fields, as it became the name of the owner, for the quality of his work and the honesty that he implements in it .

Over the years, the business consolidated and with it the number of satisfied clients. The products became more and more complex ranging from the (almost) simple elastic engine dampeners to the so called fire-protecting passages – product that took the family business to a new level of professionalism and quality needed to receive the prestigious ISO 9001 certificate.

It is the last one, Zoran, who at the beginning of the century took the responsibility to manage the family business and with his hard work and business abilities managed to include the craft’s products in some of the most important recent croatian creations like the CroTram and the ships from the 3. Maj shipyard.